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Since founding IDEA in 2014 as a new consultancy in the built environment, Scott Bowman has assisted owners and design teams to reach higher levels of performance on their projects through many different methods and services.



Durable change requires companies and individuals to understand the results of their use of energy, water, and materials. IDEA can help with education in many sustainability areas related to the build environment and building systems.

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IDEA offers a range of services to help owners, architects, and contractors reach high performance for their projects, including LEED management, peer review, Owner Project Requirements, and more.

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The design process includes thousands of decisions, and the very first ones start with the contract between the designer and the owner. IDEA can help you to make sure those agreements are fair and balanced, and lead to quality discussions with clients on difficult concepts.

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Scott has been providing training and presentations for years on many topics including sustainability, LEED, commissioning, project management, and contracts. IDEA will provide information and resources that will help you understand these complex issues.

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Every team sometimes needs a fresh point of view. IDEA uses a variety of tested techniques to engage your group, find better understanding, improve collaboration, reach higher, and have Serious Fun.

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Sustainability is a journey, and IDEA is positioned to coach and encourage firms and companies on the path to high performance.

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Latest IDEA updates and publications by Scott
From Darkness to Light: Engaging Employees to Save


July 2015  |  High Performance Building Magazine

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Scott is very knowledgeable about sustainable design and has the unique ability to explain technical information with great clarity to those not in the design business. This attribute, coupled with his sense of humor has made him a great resource for the XLDP Contract Guide and our Design Professionals Risk Control Group (DPRCG).
Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis

VP Loss Prevention & Client Education, XL Catlin

Not only does Scott bring his depth of technical expertise in the field of innovative sustainable engineering solutions, but he also brings great warmth and humor. Scott is a fantastic collaborator, and wonderful leader. Through his easy-going nature and inclusive approach, combined with his passion for the pragmatic and knowledge of risk-management, he reminds us all that we can effectively accomplish huge leaps of positive change in our building industry, stay on budget and on schedule, and have fun all the while.
Lily Marie Livingston

Lily Marie Livingston

Co-Founder, Illuminating Hearts

Scott is a fully integrated thinker who consistently uses his technical expertise to advance the effectiveness and overall sustainability of any project with which he is involved. He is an engineering innovator with a deep appreciation for both the construction process and architecture. This combination makes him an ideal collaborator.
Paul Mankins

Paul Mankins

Principal, Substance Architecture

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